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Terms and Conditions

1. A non-refundable deposit is required to secure the booking and by making the deposit payment you agree to the terms and conditions laid out in this the contract.


2. For weddings, the final balance will be due four weeks before the wedding. The booking can be cancelled up to six months before the wedding and incur no additional charges.

3. For other services, the final balance will be due on the day of the photographs being taken.


4. Where a booking is cancelled within six months of a wedding half of the balance amount will be due. A cancellation made within three months of a wedding full amount outstanding will be due.

5. In the unlikely event of a cancellation by the photographer, Wayne Button Photography will offer alternative photography at another date or move the booking to another date if possible and depending on the circumstances of the cancellation.


6. Every care is taken in the photographing and editing using professional equipment and materials.


7. In the unlikely event of total photographic failure, sickness or injury or other circumstances beyond the control of Wayne Button Photography the liability shall be limited to a full refund of all money paid.


8. During a wedding Wayne Button Photography cannot be held responsible for any lack of coverage due to the clients or members of the wedding party not being on time or available. Nor due to the restrictions regarding photography and locations imposed by the church, registrars and licensed places. Interventions by wedding venues, their coordinators, toast master or mc during scheduled and agreed photo sessions.


9. Wayne Button Photography does not undertake to guarantee any specific pictures nor incorporate any specific background location or group arrangement that has not been arranged or discussed in a pre-session consultation.


10. In the event of weather disturbances during pre-arranged photo sessions during the day Wayne Button Photography will attempt to make alternative opportunities where possible and when the itinerary of the day allows.

11. For weddings, it is the responsibility of the client to inform the officiating clergy/registrar, venue coordinator that photography is required and to plan the day accordingly to make ample time for the required photographs.

12. For weddings the client should be aware that Wayne Button Photography will have to abide by the rules of photography imposed by the church, registry office or venue. In some cases during a church service or ceremony Wayne Button Photography may be restricted by location allocated by them. They may prohibit the use of flash photography at certain times which may restrict the photographic possibilities. Churches may impose a total ban on photography during the service so it is the client’s responsibility to discuss this with them to avoid disappointment.

13. It is expected that Wayne Button Photography will be treated with respect at all times. In the event that Wayne Button Photography is verbally or physically abused Wayne Button Photography has the right to stop all photography and leave the event immediately with no refund of money and no photographs will be supplied.


14. Wayne Button Photography will endeavor to fully edit and send the clients photos within 14 working days of the wedding, if there are any delays to this figure then the client will be informed of these delays.


15. All photographs taken are the intellectual property of Wayne Button Photography and are covered by UK and International copyright laws. A joint copyright with the client is given in this contract to allow the client to print and share the images for their personal use but not in accordance with promotion or monetary gain.


16. If the images are used in printed or web publications Wayne Button Photography must be notified and credited. Wayne Button Photography may use photos for promotion.

17. Covid 19 - Wayne Button Photography  will only work within the safe guidelines laid out by the government and will not be held responsible for disappointment resulting from restrictions in the service and photographs taken.

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